Photo by Leah Monsour
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Artist Statement: 
I am a Taiwanese-born artist who investigates what is considered foreign to the United States. Through audio and visual installations, I examine themes in American culture such as the frontier, nativism, and space exploration. These immersive installations manipulate perspective, sense of distance, and visibility to alter the power dynamics between its visitors. For example, Sky Well is an optical device that presents someone in front of you as if they are on the other side of the world, simultaneously close by and apart. Another project, Familiarly Foreign, is an exhibition that mimics the way anthropological museums display “cultural artifacts,” but flips the power dynamics to instead reveal how Asian objects are mystified and exoticized in the United States.

Daniel Shieh’s installations have been exhibited by LMCC Arts Center, Socrates Sculpture Park, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Franconia Sculpture Park, Josephine Sculpture Park, and I-Park Foundation. His solo exhibitions include: “Breaths/Touching Slowly” at GSD Kirkland Gallery and “Familiarly Foreign” at Wave Pool. He has been invited as an artist in residence to the Cité Internationale des Arts, Wassaic Project, MASS MoCA, ACRE, Anderson Ranch, Millay Arts, Fountainhead, LMCC Arts Center, Stove Works, and NARS Foundation. Shieh received an MDes from Harvard University and is based in Brooklyn, New York.
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