Solo exhibition at GSD Kirkland Gallery, Cambridge MA, on view 3/29-4/1/2019.

Breaths/Touching Slowly, 2019
Wood frame, plastic tube, balloons, breaths
48 x 48 x 54”

Breaths/Touching Slowly is a mini-workshop and exhibition; one part of the gallery is a workspace, where pairs of visitors can create breath sculptures together, while the other half is an exhibition room to display your finished work. You can choose from 6”, 9”, and 12” long clear tubes, depending on your level of comfort with each other and blow balloons towards each other inside the tube. Once your breath balloons come into contact, the sculpture is finished and can be placed on the display rack in the other half of the gallery.

The act of slowing down touch, such as slowly reaching your hand towards another person’s waiting hand, puts emphasis on the intimate moments before a touch as well as the moment during a touch. The laborious process of slowly filling a balloon with your breath that once resided within oneself, while face-to-face with another person, creates interweaving moments of intimacy and strangeness. The breath sculptures present the outgoing breath as perceivable, palpable objects and record a moment when the breaths of two people touched.
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