Trace, 2016
Wood, fabric, paint
60 x 30 x 80”

Touch is an intimate form of interpersonal communication; regardless of the context, the feeling of a quivering body against our skin conjures ineffable emotions. However, there is often an inequality in this form of communication. Although both people simultaneously feel the touch, they are differentiated as either the toucher or the touched, depending on who initiates the touching. In Trace, a black fabric screen separates two participants. On both sides of the screen, there are multicolored dots and lines painted in the same composition. To interact with the screen, participants must put on headphones that play instructions in a robotic voice. The voice instructs the participants on both sides to touch and trace the same places simultaneously. Participants will meet through the fabric, and perform a ritual where both are simultaneously the toucher and touched. 

© Copyright Daniel Shieh. All Rights Reserved.