Sculpture created on-site for the 2019 Open Studio Fellowship at Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer MN. 

The Way You Look, 2019
Steel, mirror, one-way mirror, glass, wood
205 x 135 x 81"

The Way You Look is a sculpture activated by two people, who can be strangers or acquaintances. The title alludes to the direction a person looks at, how a person looks like, and the way a person looks at another person. Two people can enter the large spheres and sit facing the small spheres. Through two mirrors placed inside these two smaller spheres, people can see each other’s side-profile simultaneously. What does it mean when two people see each other looking at each other? Through this act of mutual observation, two users share an experience and feel each other’s gaze, whether curious, loving, respectful, or shy, and discover how each other looks while doing so.

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