Sky Chamber, 2021

Sky Chamber
30’W x 30’D x 12’H
Lumber, paint, mirror

You walk up a narrow trail to the top of the hill and encounter a tall cylindrical fence. At one corner of the fence you see an entrance to a square tunnel, about 1.5 feet off the ground. You raise your foot to hoist your body up while ducking your head, conforming to the low ceiling of the tunnel. The tunnel is at an incline. You get on your knees and crawl, reaching a bend and turn left. The tunnel ramps up and opens into a star-shaped room. You crawl to the middle of the room and you see windows to your front, left, right, and above. They all show a blue patch of sky, as if the room is miles in the sky. You sit for a while and notice the color of the sky has changed. You lay down with your head positioned in the center of the room, taking in the sky from every direction.

Sky Chamber evokes the use of portals in fantasy literature (such as the wardrobe in Narnia) as a trope that expresses a desire to access faraway places from the comfort of your environment. The tunnel-like entrance elicits childlike impulses for exploration and shelter, enticing visitors to enter.

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